The company official electronic domicile: its address of Certified Electronic Mail

PEC (Certified E-Mail) is an evolved e-mail system regulated by specific legislation and issued by authorised providers.

It allows messages and document attachments of any kind (administrative, commercial, information, etcetera) to be exchanged, in a safe, secure and economical manner, with the same legal value as a Registered Delivery with receipt.
  • Advantages

  • Who has to register their PEC
    Who has to register their PEC

  • How much it costs and how you buy it
    How much it costs and how you buy it

With respect to traditional e-mail, the PEC guarantees certain dispatch, delivery, invariability of the content and the confidentiality of the message, as well as certain identification of the sending mailbox.

Anybody can use it: sole traders, companies, Public Administrations, associations, professionals, ordinary citizens.

By law, they must register their PEC in the Business Register:

  • sole Trader Businesses (within 06/30/2013) - Law No. 221 of 12/17/2012
  • partnerships and limited companies (compulsory from 11/29/2011) - Law No. 2 of 01/28/2009

It does not cost anything: subscription or change is free and free of stamps, rights, fees.

It is necessary to contact one of the Official providers authorised by the Agency for Digital Italy, who comply with the requirements envisaged by the reference legislation. Public list of Providers. Costs and method of issue vary from one provider to another.