Company Registration Report and Certificate in English for foreign companies and for Italian companies operating abroad

The Business Register provides two new documents designed specifically for use abroad, the Company Registration Report in English and the Company Registration Certificate in English: this solves a critical problem relating to the documentation to be presented to foreign Authorities, which the world of business had been pointing out for some time.
Defined by the Digital Administration Code as one of the data bases of national interest, the Business Register thus intends to provide new impulse to the process of internationalisation of Italian businesses, making relations with foreign economies more fluid, encouraging investments in Italy by foreign companies and facilitating the acceptance of Italian businesses within foreign economies.


Italian companies involved in import-export activities will be facilitates when they have to provide the documentation required by foreign authorities.The ability to obtain a Company Registration Report in English without having to obtain a sworn translation is, in effect, a saving both in time and money for the company.
An additional advantage of the new documents in English is the presence on the first page of the "QR Code", the identification code thanks to which anybody can verify, directly from their smart phone or tablet (as well as from a PC) that the document in their possession corresponds with the one on file at the Business Register at the time it was extracted.
The service is particularly economical, as there are no translation costs: Company Registration Reports in English actually cost the same as the reports in Italian, while the Certificate in English actually costs less than the certificate in Italian, because, only for use in a foreign country, there is no need to pay stamp duty on it.

With the Company Registration Report in English it will be easier for a foreign operator to learn the legal situation and main economic information of an Italian company: he will be able to obtain, on line, a document that is certainly more comprehensible and reliable for him, as it comes from an official source, the Business Register.

Company Registration Report and Certificate are only available for the company's registered office.