You may have companies lists based on multiple personal, economic, territorial criteria

Companies lists is a method of extracting and viewing the data contained in the Business Register: the service can be used to select a group of companies using a range of different search criteria, and to produce documents with lists of the resulting companies.

Two types of list are foreseen:

  • Companies Addresses
    Companies Addresses

    For all Telemaco users and the Public Administration
  • Full Companies
    Full Companies

    For all Telemaco users and the Public Administration
For all Telemaco users and the Public Administration

this contains the name and full address of the registered office and, if existing and declared by the company, further information such as website, telephone number, email address (not PEC address)

For all Telemaco users and the Public Administration

as well as the above, this contains the Tax Code (Business Register number), REA (Economic and Administrative Index) number, AA (Register of Craftsmen) number, number of staff, partnership capital, activities, status of company, economic data such as value of production, revenues, profits or losses, etc.

With a careful selection of the parameters, you will get a list perfectly tailored to your information needs.

Every single search gives the possibility to extract lists containing up to 10,000 positions.

The system offers multiple selection criteria, which can be combined freely, for example:

  • location: business headquarters;
  • status: active, inactive, suspended, deleted, registering
  • legal form: all those foreseen
  • geographical location: regions, provinces, communes
  • activity: prevalent, primary, secondary, according to Ateco/Istat code
  • procedures in progress: winding-up, liquidation, and all the controlled administration procedures foreseen
  • partnership capital class
  • turnover range
  • employee number class
  • registration or cancellation date range

If the selection parameters are not sufficient, you can request a list that best suits your needs.