Technology and computer science for the Italian Chambers of Commerce System

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InfoCamere, the IT company for the Italian Chambers of Commerce, is the technological structure of excellence for supporting the Chamber system in managing its information stores and providing its services.

By devising and developing the most up-to-date and innovative IT solutions, it unites the Chambers of Commerce on a daily basis, across a network also accessible to all involved in the Italian productive system: companies, private citizens, Public Authorities, business associations, professional bodies and anyone involved with economic data.



InfoCamere manages the high-speed and high-security communication network interconnecting the nerve centres of the Chamber system (all the Chambers of Commerce and their branch offices). By creating a fully paper-free environment, the network assists the Chamber system with managing the complex administrative procedures associated with companies life. Its databases are quick and easy to access, and available to all.

One of the most significant contributions of InfoCamere for the Chambers of Commerce has been the electronic Business Register (Registro Imprese telematico), an economic registry and legal disclosure instrument for companies. It was established in computerised format from its inception in 1993, and this distinctive feature made it completely unique across Europe.
Over time, the services traditionally offered by InfoCamere have been joined by others that see the Chambers of Commerce System and InfoCamere take on the job of connecting hub for delivery of services to and from the Public Administration and to manage the payment flows relating to the services provided.

In this context, InfoCamere has developed its on-line payment services (ICONTO) and has set up its own Payment Institution, having been registered in the relevant Directory by Banca d'Italia on January 2, 2013.


Registered Office
Registered Office
Via G.B. Morgagni, 13 - 00161 Rome
Phone 06/442851
Fax 06/44285255
Operative Office
Operative Office
Corso Stati Uniti, 14 - 35127 Padua
Phone 049/8288111
Fax 049/8288406
Via Loiacono, 20/B - 70126 Bari
Phone 080/5968699
Fax 080/5968601
Via Viserba, 20 - 20126 Milan
Phone 02/25515200
Fax 02/25515206