Payment Institute - IConto

A single account system for payments to the Public Administration

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Thanks to ICONTO, InfoCamere and the Chambers of Commerce offer a concrete tool for administrative simplification that will facilitate electronic payment of the services provided by the Public Administration.

ICONTO like the Telemaco electronic wallet is free of charge, but in addition it offers many exclusive services and the guarantee of a bank current account.

Created as an alternative to pre-paid payments, Telemaco enables a single payment to be made by bank transfer and credit card (with no minimum amount), eliminating the need to divide the amounts into costs and fees.


The value of ICONTO can be summarised as:
  • Management of the on-line account in total security: from opening it, guaranteed by the digital signature, to the ordering of payments, to the notices sent by Certified E-Mail.
  • Top-up using a credit card which guarantees the immediate availability of the amount paid in, no top-up charge, improved management of cash flow and the ability to make payments for customers, without having to pay the amounts in advance.
  • Payment of e-gov services offered by central and local Public Administrations (Municipal Authorities, NHS, Fire Service, SUAP) and services giving access to the "Computerised Civil Court".
  • Computerised payment of F24 tax returns. It is possible to pay all tax for which the Tax Office requires an ordinary F24 form to be filed. Furthermore, when paying license tax, annual chamber of commerce fees and stamp duty, ICONTO customers have the advantage of a pre-compiled F24 form.
  • A single payment for duties and charges payable to the Chambers of Commerce, without the need to sub-divide the amounts.
  • Availability at any time of the amounts deposited on your payment account.