You may consult the Business Register in graph-visual and relational mode

Visual browsing

What is it?

This is a service that operates side-by-side with the traditional Business Register consultation system in text form, giving the option of showing the same data in a graph/visual image.

The Visual Browsing service thus allows the connections between the companies and individuals present in the Business Register to be shown using an Entity - Relationship graph. This mode gives an immediate idea of the relations that exist between individuals and companies: the data is shown using icons to display companies and individuals, and lines to express their relations.


What is it for?

By creating a full picture of the search activity, Visual Browsing is of particular interest in all those cases when it is necessary to simplify reading of the Business Register information: for example when investigating complex interactions between different companies, or between companies and persons holding positions or shareholdings, or when carrying out in-depth study on particular sectors or phenomena. This consultation method can represent a powerful legal tool to support the Public Administration and the Police Forces in the fight against economic crime.


How does it work?

After performing a database search, it is possible to request a visual investigation that, starting from the entity identified, can be extended to other companies or persons related to it. The service offers the user the chance to select, following a database search, a company or a person and show, in a graphic map (or graph) the network of positions and shareholdings that relate to that company or person, with the option of providing additional details (for example highlighting directors only) and extending the search progressively to a number of companies or persons.



For companies it is possible to view the information on persons (directors, auditors, holders of other positions), on partners and owners of quotas or on the holdings or local units.

As well as the graphic representations it is possible to request other documents, such as a Chamber of Commerce survey, in text form, to obtain all the details.

With reference to persons, on the other hand, it is possible to view the information on shareholdings or on the positions held. To these are added the information in text form, such as the schedule of shareholdings and the schedule of positions. Based on the search carried out, the system builds up a graphic page that contains the information requested each time, which is added to and integrates that already present, creating a full picture of the search activity.
How do I save the results of the investigation?
The service offers the option of saving the results of the graphic search in electronic form:

which allows use of the saved version to take up the analysis again at a later date and go into it in greater depth;

to allow subsequent viewing and/or print-out of the graph.