The service to verify the authenticity and correspondence with the original of a Chamber of Commerce document

The QR Code, where QR is the abbreviation for Quick Response , is a two-dimensional bar code used to store information generally destined to be read using a mobile phone, a smart phone, a tablet equipped with a special reading program.

The Business Register QR Code (Abbreviated as B.R. QR Code) is the new identification code for official Chamber of Commerce documents. Thanks to this code, the document on which it is present becomes unique, and anybody can check that the document in their possession corresponds with the digital document filed by the Business Register at the time of extraction.


The QR Code on the chamber of commerce document is read using the application "B.R. QR Code", which can be downloaded free of charge to your cellphone, hand-held device, smart phone or tablet from the Portal, or from all the main Internet stores.

The Business Register QR Code, as well as providing mobile access to a digital copy of the document filed at the Business Register at the time of extraction, is a further guarantee of the authenticity and official nature of the chamber of commerce document itself. This is because, if the QR Code does not originate from an official Chamber of Commerce document, the application will inform the user of this fact.

Once the QR Code has been read, the document identification data will be displayed on your mobile device: the company name, registered offices, tax code and date of extraction.

It is also possible to download the official document filed by the Business Register at the time of extraction, to compare it with the one in your possession.

The most important documents that can be extracted from the Business Register have their own QR Code: for example all the reports (and relevant sub-sections, the information blocks), the personal files, the reports and certificates in English.


To recover the original document, fill in the fields:
  • protocol/document number (at the bottom, view)
  • 6 figure code (close to the QR Code, view)
  • security code (Captcha)