Companies monitoring

Periodic and automatic verification of the variations presented by companies in the Business Register

Companies Monitoring is a Telemaco task that makes it possible to verify periodically, and automatically, whether changes have been presented or registered in the Business Register for a group of companies of interest (perhaps in your own area, or those carrying out certain activities) and provides the official document with the updated information.

The list of companies for which the monitoring is active can be modified at any time, adding new companies or deleting those no longer considered to be of interest. Thousands of companies can be kept under control at the same time. Additionally, at any time, you can export the list of selected companies in the processable format (.csv), with the main identifying data and activity status of each one.

The object of the service is the company's registered office (therefore local branches and secondary headquarters are excluded).


For each company it is possible to select which changes to check and notify: for example, if the directors have changed, if the company quotas have changed or the financial statement has been filed, if bankruptcy procedures have been started or the territorial location has changed, or it is possible to request notification of any change made to the Register for that position.

The main advantage of Companies Monitoring is the timely way in which changes to the companies in the list are notified, thus simplifying the task of those who, for professional reasons or in order to carry out institutional tasks, are required to keep up-to-date with events that will, for example, change the state of customers, suppliers, commercial partners, or companies taking part in processes to award public contracts.