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Single Communication (ComUnica) One practice for more requirements intended to Chambers of Commerce
and other contracting
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The Company's Single Communication 

Since 1 April 2010 the Single Communication has simplified relations between companies and the Public Authorities.

Previously the interested parties fulfilled their obligations to the Chambers of Commerce, Inland Revenue, INAIL and INPS using different procedures for each entity. Depending on the nature of the company (sole proprietorship or corporation) paper forms were used, electronic systems, submissions via fax or over counters to:

  1. o request the tax code and VAT number;
  2. o open an insurance position at INAIL [Italian acronym for Istituto Nazionale per l'assicurazione contro gli infortuni sul lavoro (National Institute for Insurance against Industrial Accidents)];
  3. o request the registration within INPS [Italian acronym for Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale (National Institute of Social Security and Welfare)] of employees or freelance workers;
  4. o request registration in the Italian Business Register of the Chambers of Commerce.

Thanks to the coordination between these entities it has been possible to initiate administrative simplification processes in the relations between companies and the Public Authorities, taking advantage of the benefits offered by electronic means. In fact with the Single Communication, all obligations can be completed by using a single electronic hub, the Italian Business Register, which is the only place to which the electronic file containing the information for all the entities is to be sent.

The Single Communication file is a set of files structured as follows:

  1. Single Communication form (document containing the applicant's details, the object of the communication and the summary of applications to different entities);
  2. forms for the Business Registry;
  3. forms for the Inland Revenue;
  4. forms for INAIL;
  5. any SCIA (Italian acronym for Segnalazione Certificata di Inizio Attività [Certified Notification of a Start of Activity]) for the SUAP (Single Information Point for Productive Activity).
ComUnica: the tool  

With this procedure the Single Communication file is prepared: this file if valid for tax, social security and insurance purposes and should be sent after having been digitally signed, to the Business Registry Office of the relevant Chamber of Commerce, which will then arrange to send it promptly to the other Entities (Inland Revenue, INPS, INAIL, SUAP).

The receipts and all notifications regarding the file will be sent to the certified e-mail provided by the company for the procedure, ensuring traceability and transparency of the procedure.

Within 5 days the relevant Chamber of Commerce will give notice of the registration of the certified e-mail for the company (and the sender of the file as per usual) and within 7 days the individual entities will give notice of the relevant results both to the company as well as to the Italian Business Register.

This notification is valid for tax, social security and insurance purposes. The Single Communication should be sent, using the digital signature, to the Business Registry Office at the relevant Chamber of Commerce, which will arrange to send it in turn to the other Entities (Inland Revenue, INPS, INAIL).


To submit a Single Communication file you will need to have joined the Data Search and WebFiling service. A user-id and password to access the service will be then sent automatically to your e-mail. You can subscrive the form for free, just now.

Digital signature 

In order sign the Single Communication form and ensure that your signature has the same legal value as a handwritten one you will need to get yourself a Digital Signature. You can also use the form pursuant to circular 3616/c 2008 by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Digital Signature is the IT equivalent of a handwritten signature on paper and has the same legal validity. Its function is that of guaranteeing the validity of an electronic document: in fact by using a digital signature, you can sign the content thus ensuring the origin and unalterable nature of the information contained therein.

The Digital Signature of an electronic document meets three requirements:

  1. the recipient is able to verify the identity of the sender (authentication);
  2. the sender cannot deny having signed the document (non repudiation);
  3. the recipient is not able to create or change a document signed by someone else (integrity).

A digital signature allows you to exchange documents over the network, which have full legal validity. Any individuals can get a digital signature: the general public, directors, company and public authority employees.

To sign a file digitally is a simple and quick operation, which requires:

  1. a signature device (smart card, token, USB.....);
  2. signature software.

To get a Digital Signature you need to apply to Accredited Certifiers, authorised by Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale, who will authorise the identity of subjects using a digital signature.

For more information see the Digital Signature Guide, which is available at

For Certification services supplied by the Chambers of Commerce, go to

Certified e-mail (PEC [Italian acronym])  

Receipt of the Single Communication file and subsequent communications from the Entities to whom the file is addressed will be delivered automatically to your certified e-mail inbox.

The ComUnica certified e-mail.

With regard to the Single Communication form, the Chambers of Commerce and other Entities involved will use Certified E-mail to communicate with companies.

Therefore, in order to submit a Single Communication you will need to provide a Certified e-mail within the "Single Communication Form" to which all the recipient Authorities will send acknowledgements of receipt, results or other communications concerning the procedure. This address will be used by the Authorities solely for the purposes of the procedure itself.

Of course, for the purposes of the Single Communication, the certified e-mail can be provided that all companies should register within the Italian Business Register.

For more information


The way to prepare and submit Single Communication forms, including for craftsmen, is ComunicaStarweb: an online and guided service, which does not require any software installation.

enter the online service


Only for some files, such as company incorporations and legal proceedings (full list) or if you do not have a permanent Internet connection, you must use ComunicaFedra, downloading the correct software onto your own personal computer. To send the file, however, you will need to connect to the Internet.

ComunicaFedra does not allow you to prepare files for sole proprietorship companies: for these files you will need to use ComunicaStarweb.

ComunicaFedra rirequires the installation of the following programs:

  1. Fedra Plus: completion of Italian Business Register forms, Inland Revenue, INPS [Italian acronym for Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale (National Institute of Social Security and Welfare)], craftsmen, traders and companies with employees;
  2. Comunica Impresa [Company Communication]: completion of the "Single Communication Form" (eg. facsimile), INAIL and INPS agriculture forms, completion and submission of the file.

download Fedra Plus software
download Comunica Impresa software

Furthermore, SOLELY for those who prefer to use the Inland Revenue software to request their Tax Code and the VAT no., the following is available:
- Software AA7 - AA9:completion of the Inland Revenue forms to be attached to the Single Communication file. [ Inland Revenue ]

Solely for the benefit of software creators, Specific Operating Techniques and Instructions for the Single Communication are available.

Main Documents 

Below is a list, which is not exhaustive, of the more important documents and acts to register or file within the Italian Business Register:

  1. Articles of incorporation
  2. Proceedings to amend the statutes, the articles of incorporation or shareholder agreements
  3. Registration, amendment and removal of members from the administrative bodies and the supervisory bodies
  4. Financial operations
    1. Increase, reduction and underwriting of share capital
    2. Payment of the share capital
    3. Communication about a sole shareholder of an SpA and an Srl
    4. Communication of reappointment (or appointment) of one or more partners
    5. Issuance or termination of a bond
    6. Appointment of the common representatives for the bondholders
    7. Offer of share options, convertible bond options, notice of early bond conversion
    8. Financial instruments
    9. Amendment of the conditions for the issuance and circulation of financial instruments as well as the related rights
    10. Assets intended for a single deal
    11. Appointment of a common representative for the holders of financial instruments
    12. Filing of the final accounts
    13. Financing for a specific deal
    14. Transfer of legal reports between banks and other financial entities
    15. Allocation of the revaluation reserve
    16. Registration of transfer proceedings for limited liability company shares as per Law 310/93
    17. Limited liability company share transfer (including pledges)
    18. Seizure and confiscation of limited liability company shares
    19. Extinction and seizure and confiscation of limited liability company shares
    20. Incorporation, amendment and closure of branches
    21. Dissolution, liquidation and closure of company
    22. Shareholder agreements
    23. End of year financial statements and lists of shareholders for corporations
    24. Consortia with a trust status are required to file their end of year financial statements and the list of shareholders
    25. Balance sheets for consortia
    26. Office relocation documents
    27. Extraordinary operations
    28. Company change of status
    29. Merger/splitting
    30. Management and coordination of a company
    31. Company transfers in accordance with Article 2556 of the Civil Code as amended by Law 310/93
Other documents  
  1. Application for an arbitration request and associated proceedings
  2. Registration of an order to suspend the measure being challenged in the application for arbitration and arbitration award
  3. Registration of the agreement to restructure debt
  4. Registration for the merging of companies
  5. REA [Italian acronym for] Repertorio Economico Amministrativo [Economic Administrative Index] Reports
Courses at the Chamber of Commerce 

The Chambers of Commerce periodically organize training courses on Single Communication. Please contact your Province Chamber of Commerce for information about the course calendar.

Free online e-learning course 

This course will allow students to learn the methods for using Single Communication by generally explaining the procedure and developing test cases.
The course - which is completely free is designed for anyone who has to prepare files intended for the Italian Business Register or other entities (INPS (Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale) [National Social Security Institute], INAIL (Istituto Nazionale per l'Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro) [National Workers' Compensation Institute], Inland Revenue ) using Single Communication.

[ Enroll ]     [ Go to the course ]

Knowledge of the rules and forms of the Entities involved is a requirement for access to the ComUnica course.

The estimated average length of the course is eight hours, which the participant can choose to spread out over any period of time needed, even over multiple days.

Course participants can enrol using a simple registration process with a user ID and password to be used for attendance and to access the teaching material.

The course uses an e-learning format. No classroom attendance is required; training takes place independently using participants' personal computers.

The material is structured with introductory textual sections and videos explaining the procedures to be followed. Due to the training material's significant multimedia component, no paper version will be provided. A final course satisfaction questionnaire will be made available at the end of the course.

The course is divided into the following four modules:

1st module – Introduction to Single Communication and related tools

2nd module – ComUnica File for Individual and Small Businesses

3rd module - ComUnica File for Companies

4th module – Legal Appendix

Assistance to students is provided via the "Discussion Forum" located on the course home page (Introduction Form), which will be moderated periodically by tutors.

Creating a joint-stock company   
Creation of an individual business   
Modifying a joint-stock company   
Business Register Contact Centre  

The Chambers of Commerce make their own call centre available for all general information about Single Communication and to support preparing and sending the paperwork.

This is the contact number for questions about downloading and using the software available at and questions relating to the Business Register forms (Fedra):

049 2015215

INPS-INAIL Call Centre  

The INPS-INAIL Integrated Call Centre provides information about legal and procedural aspects and about individual files, for both INPS and INAIL. This is the contact number for questions about INPS-INAIL forms relating to Single Communication:


This number is answered from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., while automatic service (in German for the province of Bolzano) is in operation 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. The service is completely free.

Inland Revenue Call Centre  

The Contact Centre for the Income Revenue is available for tax information. In the Single Communication context, this is the contact number for questions relating to its forms (AA7-AA9).

This number is answered from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The cost of fixed network calls is the same as the city rate (T.U.T.); for calls from cell phones, use 06-96668907 (the caller pays the cost according to his or her operator's rate plan); for calls from abroad, use 003906-96668933 (the caller pays the cost).

  1. What is the Single Communication?
  2. Software to complete the Paperwork
  3. Assistance and guidance for completion
  4. Digital signature
  5. Certified Email Account
  6. Method of submitting the Single Communication
  7. REFERENCE paperwork
  8. Receipts
  9. Forms required within the Single Communication
  10. Obligations
  11. Inland Revenue forms
  12. INPS forms
  13. INAIL forms
  14. StarWeb
  15. Forms and notes
  16. Frequent errors in the Comunica file

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